Video Intercoms

Security systems protect workers, residents, families and their property. Video intercom solutions provide you with the ability to safely identify guests and visitors before granting them access. Video intercoms are easy to use and install, and could make an immediate, life-saving difference in your home or business today.

In today’s world, security is of top concern – in our cities, schools and offices – and for our citizens. Unsophisticated audio-only intercoms are not sufficient. The voice on the other end of the intercom could be anyone, pretending to be someone you know. You don’t want to blindly grant a stranger access into your building.

Image: Kocom Intercom System

A video intercom adds the ability to see who is requesting access to your home, office or building. Instead of just relying on audio, a Duratech video intercom solution adds another layer of security, which you can control from inside your protected perimeters. With the press of a button, live audio and video could stream directly to your command center / monitor.

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