Digital Video Systems

Why not take advantage of all that technological advances have brought us? Any surveillance system is better than none, but you should protect your valuables with the latest in security technology.

Digital video systems offer the best quality in signal transmission and video surveillance. The benefits of digital video systems are plentiful:

Image: Alarm System
  • Compressed footage
  • More hard drive storage space
  • Fault-tolerant / redundant
  • Off-site viewing
  • Enhanced images

You can’t be everywhere at once, but if you install a Duratech digital video system, you can monitor what’s happening at your home or business while you are away. With a digital video system, you can utilize the advantages of off-site recording, store your video footage in multiple locations and even share it over a data network. Even if a natural disaster, arsonist or thief damages or steals your on-site video camera, you would still be able to view the recorded data of the incident.

Image: Secugard SGD917D Digial Video Recorder

As technology continues to advance, inevitably so will security requirements. With digital video surveillance, you can easily upgrade your system to keep compliant and up-to-date.

Duratech has the right digital video surveillance for you. Whether you want theft prevention, perimeter protection, or the security of knowing your home and family are safe, Duratech can provide you with the surveillance system unique to your needs.

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